Hello and thanks for stopping by! I am the mother to two spunky girls, wife to a Marine Corps Veteran and photographer. I had been playing around with photography for years before I became serious about it. My Sister in Law, who is a self taught Interior Decorator, gave me a medium to work in that let me expand my skills, confidence and interest in photography.

I found my niche with interior design photography, branding and now product photography. I enjoy this type of photography because there is more control of the various elements, and I am helping creatives best represent their product or service. 

I really enjoy the creative process of photography, and I work closely with my clients to capture their brand and it's essence. I think lifestyle photography really gives the viewer a sense of the product, and they can imagine it in their home or workplace. I do love a bright white background as well, but still a lived in feel with more than just the product in the image. 

Feel free to contact me with any inquiries!

- Grace